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November 21, 2008
Dale S. Recinella, Catholic Lay Chaplain, Florida Death Row and Solitary Confinement
Susan M. Recinella, Clinical Psychologist for mentally ill adults, and Catholic Lay Minister to Families of the Executed
Upcoming Events:

Flagler College (St. Augustine, FL)

Death Penalty Analysis Class (Not open to the public).

Friday, November 21, 2008 - 11:00 a.m. to noon

Presentation: Biblical Teaching and the Realties of the American Death Penalty

Guest Speaker: DALE S. RECINELLA

Catholic Lay Chaplain for Florida Death Row and Solitary Confinement

For information, contact Professor Chris Moser:


The Texas Pilgrimage for Lfe

“An opportunity to reflect on the life and dignity of the human person from conception to natural death.”

Monday, November 24, 2008 - Dale S. Recinella and others from around the country and the world will be joining Cardinal DiNardo, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, who, together with other Catholic Bishops of Texas, is leading a Pilgrimage for Life in Huntsville, TX from an abortion clinic to death row.

For information, contact:
Maria Huemmer, Texas Catholic Conference
1625 Rutherford Land, Bldg D
Austin TX 78754
Phone: 512-339-9882

Maybe He Does!
By: Dale Recinella

I remember the blustery winter day when she walked into our Tallahassee inner-city outreach ministry in Frenchtown.

She was dirty, disheveled and very angry.

"You're supposed to help people! Why aren't you helping me?"

The volunteer at the desk smiled sweetly at her, saying, "You need to talk to Brother Dale."

I was bent over a jammed computer printer when she was escorted into my office. "Let's get one thing clear," she said without waiting for me to turn around, "I'm going to sue you if you help me and I'm going to sue you if you don't help me. So… you may as well help me."

That was the beginning of an incredible relationship. She suffered from mental illness. Like most of our nation's mentally ill who aren't threatening to kill anybody in particular, she was turned loose to fend for herself in the streets.

Within a few months and with the help of a social worker, she was off the streets, in a mobile home and I was managing her finances. Three times a week we met to review her money. I would always remind her, "Don't forget, God loves you."

"The hell He does," she would answer.

As summer approached, several of us decided to take this lady out for dinner on her 48th birthday. When I suggested the time we would pick her up, she shrugged, "Don't care if you show up or not."

We arrived at her trailer on schedule. What a surprise. Her hair was done. She was wearing a dress, and makeup and high heels. For a second, we thought we had the wrong house. As we navigated her to the car, it was clear that she had never worn heels before.

During the course of the evening, we found out that throughout her life of hospitalizations, court hearings and broken relationships, she had never been taken out to celebrate her birthday. She couldn't remember ever celebrating her birthday at all—even as a child. She cried as we and the staff at Ryan's Family Steak House sang her Happy Birthday.

A few days later she and I met to go over her money. She was as crotchety as ever. "Don't forget," I reminded her as she headed for the door with two days of spending money, "God loves you."

She paused and looked back at me. A smile broke through to her eyes and her lips. "You know," she said softly, "Maybe He does."

Then she laughed, shaking her finger at me, "But I'm still going to sue you!"

First published: The Talahassee Democrat, August, 1996
© 2008 Dale S. Recinella & The Talahassee Democrat.
Used with permission. All rights reserved.
No further reproduction or republication without prior written permission.

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Dale S. Recinella, Catholic Lay Chaplain, Florida Death Row and Solitary Confinement
Susan M. Recinella, Clinical Psychologist for mentally ill adults, and Catholic Lay Minister to Families of the Executed

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Sr. Patricia Proctor
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Excellent book on the topic!,
June 13, 2005 Nathan Eanes
(Review from

The Biblical Truth about America's Death Penalty is a must-read. It deals with Biblical standards of Capital Punishment and then compares them to the system used in America today. It is the best-researched, most faithful to scripture, and most evenhanded analysis I have ever read concerning the Death Penalty. Whatever your persuasion on the issue, this book will teach you a great deal. Recinella is a trained lawyer and committed Christian who now volunteers part-time on Florida's death row. He thus understands law, the Bible, and the system of execution in America. I challenge anyone who supports the Death Penalty to read this book.

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